5x5x5 professor...

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5x5x5 professor...

Postby FireSBurnsmuP » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:23 am

This site doesn't even mention the professor's cube, the rubik's 5x5x5 cube, much less does it have the hints booklet that (used to come with it, but now they make you download it), or any information at all. I'm currently in the process of solving this monstrosity, and would like easy access to the hints booklet if I can't figure out a move I need.

I'll grant you, the links you give instead of the information would suffice for normal users. However, I'm looking for a challenge in this endeavor, and the hints booklets are notoriously useless, making them ideal for me. They don't tell you how, and the oves they do give you aren't all that useful unless you understand them enough to change them.
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Re: 5x5x5 professor...

Postby matt22matt » Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:38 am

google it...u can find anything.
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