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Rubiks 360

Postby cowboygrand5 » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:43 pm

The new Rubik's 360 is out and I ran to Target to get one! This thing is pretty complicated and complex, but if you stick with it for a long time, you can solve it. My cousin has had one for a month longer than mine so he has more experience. He gave me a few tips(not how to solve it). I have solved it once. It involved no exact solution, it was half and half luck and skill. So what I did was this: the number one thing to know. YOU CANNOT SOLVE IT BY ONLY TURNING THE BLACK KNOBS! You must use the colored ones or just any part, except the black knobs. Since the axis is facing the horizon of the black knobs, everything will pretty much stay the same, and you will be wasting your time. While solving it, you need to just go back and forth tilting it until the hole in the inner sphere is below the half of the sphere. If you are moving a ball towards the hole and it goes around or back up, either you were to fast or the balls were pulling all gravity downwards. Once you have the ball out of the inner sphere, you need the ball to go through one of the two holes that are available. I am a little shaky on this part but the main problem here is I don't know how to avoid getting a ball through another hole without letting it slip back through the center again. So I will just have to skim that part. Next, once you have the balls out of the second sphere, you must get it in the pocket or you may get frustrated(like me). You should have the horizon on the two black knobs. The ball will come towards you if you spin away or go away if you spin towards yourself, so be careful. If you're turning to look for the slot and it isn't there because it's in the other column, you have to pretty much restart for that ball. If you do have the correct one in the correct column, good. Turn the black knob on the side that the slot is that you're aiming for. DO NOT TURN FULLY. Just a little bit. Once you know which way it turns, you want to spin the sphere to the opposing turn. Get it in that black circle. Then with the black knob facing the floor, turn it all the way so the ball drops in and is set. Then lock it back up. TIP: When putting a ball in a socket that has a ball in another socket in the same column, BE CAREFUL! Have the black knob facing down.

I hope this little brief summary helped you. If not, then I guess I'm not perfect, because I seriously don't know the actual method. This is my cousin's method. SO...if you guys got stuff reply or quote, whatever it is. L8ER!
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