novice question (learned from Dan Brown clip)

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novice question (learned from Dan Brown clip)

Postby chosenalias » Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:41 am

I learned from the Dan Brown video.
How do you solve the third and final layer if every block is in the right place, except two corners diagonal from eachother in the third and upper layer are flipped the wrong way. I know you use Ri Di R D, but because the unsolved corners are seperated by a two solved corners i do not know what way to turn the upper layer in the horizontal plane after i put the first corner in the correct orientation. Do you just put the second corner in the bottom right position by turning U twice and then repeat the algorithm to solve the cube?
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Re: novice question (learned from Dan Brown clip)

Postby Blue » Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:54 pm

OK if I understand right, all corners in place expect two are twisted, one will be twisted clockwise the othe counter clockwise. The clockwise twist the U is on the right, the counterclockwise twist the U is on the left. Find the one that is twisted clockwise, the U should be on the right. Use the alg twice then turn the U twice then (you actually do the alg 4 times) but because the corners twisted in the reverse direction from the first you can do the alg in the opposite direction and save a step. 

[Ri Di R D] [Ri Di R (D)] [U U]

[(Di) Ri D R] [Di Ri D R] [U U]

the D and Di cancel out so you have:

Ri Di R D Ri Di R U U Ri D R Di Ri D R U U

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