Solution Sequence to Solve any Rubik's Slider Advanced Mode Problem

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Solution Sequence to Solve any Rubik's Slider Advanced Mode Problem

Postby mcuber » Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:03 pm

This sequence will do the following: 1) cycle all three spaces in the left column upward one space, ie: the top space moves to the bottom, bottom space moves to the middle, the middle to the top. 2) will rotate edges in the middle column and right column in a clockwise direction; the center spot will move upward with the rotation. And 3) the corners in the right column remain unaffected. The magic sequence, (MS), is: TR, SD, TR, SD, TR where "TR" means a twist to the right one click and "SD" means slide down one click. You will benefit by using this sequence in reverse as well as reflections depending on the problem. To solve any problem, first build the LEFT column using any way you want. (note, the same strategies can be used starting with the right column and the reflection version of the stated sequence; but this example explains the strategy starting with the LEFT column). Next, use the MS to rotate edges in the middle and right column such that needed colors migrate to the right column edge from where they can be slid up or down into the corners. Continue with forward and reverse executions of MS and strategic slide moves (up or down only) between MS executions to solve the middle and right column. Lastly, if the left column is out of sequence, simply execute MS four times in the correct direction to match it with the middle and right columns and thus the pattern is solved! I leave it to you to figure out the correct direction. This solution sequence works with any number of colors as may present in a problem; remember, the blank spots follow the rotation rules too. The root of the rotation relationship is that 4 executions of MS rotates edges in a complete 360 cycle and cycles the starting column up or down one space..
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