What ORIGINAL Rubik's spin off's were there?

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What ORIGINAL Rubik's spin off's were there?

Postby prestodigitator » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:04 pm

Hi All,
As a collector i am forever trying to build up my collection with original Rubik's items from the 'first time round' Circa 1980's.
As some of you may be old enough to remember, the Ideal Toy Co. manufactured a lot of Rubik's spin off items with the tag line 'From the makes of the Rubik's Cube' including 'Rubik's Race' 'Rubik's card Game' the 'Rubik's ZigZaw' to name but three.
My question is can anyone else name and Rubik's things that were made at the same time (either by Ideal or another toy company) because i cannot find anywhere a comprehensive list of Rubik's toys which have been manufactured since the cube, especially those done near the time of the original cube era.
I'm not talking about the other rubik's puzzles, by the way (the 2x2,4x4, rubik's Magic etc) only the spin off toys and things.
Hope that makes sense [:)] and hope someone can help!

best regards and happy solving....

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