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Rubiks Race

Postby kazzagirl » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:13 am

Although I love the rubiks cube and had one as a child, along with a Rubiks snake and the Rubiks Rings, I am most upset about the new Rubiks Race game.
I purchased one for Christmas for my kids and once we opened was was shocked to see the poor and cheap quality of the game.!!!! The game base does not even stay together very well and all the coloured squares are loose tiles that come out if you play too fast, plus it is annoying and time consuming to have to "set up" the game every time you want to play. I know that within a few weeks the tiles WILL go missing. I would have thought that with the skill it took to design a Rubiks Cube and the Rubiks Rings.. a lot more thought would have been put into this game. It is cheap and frustrating and I doubt my two kids or I will play it again. Money NOT well spent!!!! The concept behind the game is great and if the design was improved so that the tiles did not come out of the game board and that the whole game could be closed up together as one.. then perhaps this game MIGHT have a chance to be good.. but for now I am one unhappy parent feeling very disappointed with the Rubiks Race creators!!! :(
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Re: Rubiks Race

Postby borginator2 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:26 pm

I used to have an old model Rubiks Race (still available on ebay occasionally, the going rate is about £40). I got given a copy of the new game from a friend.

The tiles on the old version had the same problem of coming loose that the new one has. I have to admit though that the new folding board does make the game more flimsy. There is a fix, however.

If you attach the race to a strong flat base, it can overcome the flimsy feel. This is permanent, however, so don't expect it to fit in the box afterwards. I thought that something similar could be done that would enable it to be strong and still be collapsed for packing. Done with stiff card / wood and strong velcro maybe...
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