Does anyone know which cbe this is?

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Does anyone know which cbe this is?

Postby Pkmnjohn » Thu May 10, 2012 4:18 pm

I recently bought a cube from my friend, and it looks like this:
There is no logo whatsoever on the white side. It appears to be a DIY cube, since the center parts have little notches to remove the center caps and the screws are adjustable.
Thank you in advance!
P.S. These pictures are not of my cube. I found it on google images. I'll try to get more pictures when I find a way to transfer them from my camera to y computer.
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Re: Does anyone know which cbe this is?

Postby Zeotor » Fri May 11, 2012 1:34 am

Many types of cubes, including the Rubik's brand DIY cube, are made with white plastic. Also, the puzzle may have been restickered and the logo was removed. Because of these things, I can't tell what kind of cube it is. Showing pictures of the individual pieces, such as a corner and an edge, might help. The following image shows a white Rubik's DIY cube.


Even if the pieces look like that, that may not indicate what brand it is. The pieces of some 3x3s look similar.
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Re: Does anyone know which cbe this is?

Postby speedcubingman » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:22 am

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