Rubik's Rod - would you buy one???

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Rubik's Rod - would you buy one???

Postby AndyClockwise » Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:40 am

Hi Everyone,
I love the Rubik Cube as I'm sure that all of you do to. Ever since it's release back in the early 80's I have had the Rubik Cube in my life and I've had all types, the snake, barrel, magic, 2x2, 4x4, 5x5 Etc - I will add that I've only ever been able to solve the 3x3 though :)
I am a professional Magician and wanted to devise a new trick involving the Rubik Cube. There have been many tricks developed which either instantly solve a mixed up cube or predict the outcome of a mixed cube so I wanted something Cube like. There's a trick on the market called Hot Rod. It's a wooden stick with 6 colours (or gems) along one side. The stick is flipped over showing the same 6 colours and a spectator is invited to select a colour. Whatever colour is chosen, when the stick is flipped over once more the colours are now ALL the chosen colour. Well I thought the Rubik Cube has six colours so why not fuse the 2 together. This I have done and produced a magic trick which I have named "Rubik's Rod" (Thank you to Seven Towns Limited for permission to call it that). You can check out a video demo of it here and it should be available to purchase later this year.
So why am I telling you this???
The original concept of mine was to produce a magic trick BUT when out performing the prototype, the general public think that the "Rubik's Rod" is a genuine Rubiks product and many want to know where to buy one. I've since developed the Rod and it is now a puzzle. The idea is to solve the rod so each of the 4 sides show ALL six colours - red, white, blue, orange, yellow & green. I have made a few and shown friends & family Etc and they all love it - maybe they're just being polite :)
I wanted to ask you all - as lovers of anything Rubik - would you add a "Rubik's Rod" (the puzzle, not the magic trick) to your own collection??? What do you think of the idea of a 6x1x1 Rubik puzzle??? If enough of you like it (and I hope you do), it may happen??? There are over 4000 possible combinations, but just 1 solution.
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