Rubik's Cube Image Generator?

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Rubik's Cube Image Generator?

Postby TheArchangel » Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:14 pm

I am seeing several images of blank rubik's cubes with their specific problem instead of a fully colored rubik's cube images (Which is what I am coming up with) that confuses people like this one;


Instead I am seeing ones like this one for a easier look at the problem;


What or how can I make these (^^^^)? What is the website or program? Thanks!
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Re: Rubik's Cube Image Generator?

Postby cmowla » Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:33 am

Hi, TheArchangel

I'm surprised no one responded for a week now, but I saw this for the first time (I don't come to this forum that often), and I have a detailed response for you. Two good resources come to mind.

The Program CubeTwister.
(You will need java installed on your computer first, if you don't already). In CubeTwister, you can customize the colors of the stickers (so you can make all pieces that you wish to mark as not important as gray, for example), and you can even "delete" the pieces, for example, here's what I did for the 4x4x4 for some cases on the ... Algorithms page:
In addition, what you could do is just simply take a screenshot of a cube, copy it into paint, and manually change the colors of the stickers as you need to in order to create whichever cube images you wish. (The yellow arrow above was drawn in Microsoft Word with the drawing toolbar).

The Online Resource "Visual Cube"
There is a general guide provided by the programmer of VisualCube, but it's very vague (you would have to experiment to understand how to use it entirely). So I have chosen to break it down below for you to hopefully save you some time.

Admin post: Sorry, but most of the rest of this post simply doesn't work. Perhaps you could set it up the way you want on your own site then just post a link to it.
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