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Postby borginator2 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:17 am

If it's free cubes you want, I've ordered a ton of cubes with free cash I got from these places (check out the amount earned in the banners)

So far I've had...

Rubiks Ice Cube (2x2)
Rubiks Twist
Rubiks cube (5 of I think...)
Dian Sheng 3x3 (2 of)
Mozhi Diamond
QJ 4x4
Mastermorphix (2 of)
Mirror Blocks (3 of)
Windmill Cube
Fisher Cube
Rubiks Clock
Rhombic Dodecahedron
Rubiks XV
Ball cube (3x3)

...and thats just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  btw, most were from ebay (in case you think I'm fudging the figures)...
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