Centerless cube flawed help

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Centerless cube flawed help

Postby Cubestein » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:50 am

Got a new cube, has no centers. I started to solve it just like normal. When I got to the last 4 corners, they were all wrong, so thinking where I started (position if the cube, in relation to myself) was irrelevant, I proceeded with the usual algorithm, making no mistakes. Once done, I found a correct corner, repositioned the cube, and again proceeded as normal. When I finished, 2 corners were opposite of each other, the other 2 correct. It puzzled me and friends, and thy would randomly happen, yet at other times it would solve perfectly. Can anyone point out the mistake (flaw) that has been made, for I have learned to fix it, assumingly, as I cannot retest my theory, because I cannot make the mistake again. How do you just swap 2 corners?
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Re: Centerless cube flawed help

Postby borginator2 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:08 am

Void cube parity, it's called. It happens when you solve it but use the wrong centres. This is impossible with a standard 3x3, but easy with a void cube since you can't see them. If this happens, use this algorithm:

M U M U' M' U' M' U2 M

M is a rotation of the middle slice between L and R. There is debate as to which way is M and which is M'. I use M as middle layer rotated so it appears to move the same way as R. Whether this is true or not... who cares, the alg works.

It doesn't solve the cube for you, but it does make it so that your normal cube solve will work.

Hope this helps.
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