Help solving a Bart Simpson head

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Help solving a Bart Simpson head

Postby Staffiez » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:47 am


I'm not an experienced Rubik's player, in fact i've never solved one in my life.
I have a 4pc Bart Simpson head cube and it's driving me crazy!! :evil:

Please can someone give me some tips how to solve it without using all the U R F L B or whatever code it is and save my sanity :D I can upload a picture as it is now if needed.

I would be eternally grateful for any help offered.

Thank you kindly
Happy Easter xx
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Re: Help solving a Bart Simpson head

Postby borginator2 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:04 am

Staffiez wrote:...without using all the U R F L B...

In a word... no.

The bart simpson head is just a modified rubiks 2x2. If you can solve one without algorithms (and I only know of one person who has, but he hasn't solved one for about 25 years), then attempt the bart simpson head. I wish you luck.

Failing that, I suggest you learn to solve an normal 3x3 cube, since the 2x2 method needs the 3x3 algorithms, and is actually harder than a 3x3 as the centres are not there to help you.

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Re: Help solving a Bart Simpson head

Postby Sharkretriver » Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:40 pm

That code/notation isn't very hard to learn (only takes about a half hour or so to master) and can save you a lot of time because the 2x2x2 cube requires at least 2 of them for beginners method. Solving one without algorithms would require knowledge of commutators which takes a lot longer to develop, and by that time you'll be using even more advanced notation.
tl;dr Watch an online tutorial, because that's as easy as it gets. (imo)
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